Posted by Khoa Nguyen | 28/08/2019
Giới thiệu về ICON

Giới thiệu Trong khoảng thời gian sắp tới đây trước khi ICONSENSUS chính thức được ra mắt, tôi sẽ đăng lên đây vài bài viết để gửi đến các bạn...

Posted by Khoa Nguyen | 22/07/2019
ICONVIET P-Rep Proposal

Our Team Founded in July 2019, ICONVIET was formed by a group of passionate ICONists and desperate bagholders around ICON Telegram channels, those who have been active in the crypto...

Posted by duyyudus | 21/07/2019
The beauty in Proof of Contribution

TL;DR: this article explains why if done properly in early stage, there probably will NOT be cartel-forming and collusion issue in ICON ecosystem like other DPoS public chains, at least...