Formed by a group of passionate ICONists and desperate bagholders around ICON Telegram channels, those who have been active in the crypto community since the inception of ICON Project and made it through the crypto winter alive.

We are based in Vietnam, one of the largest global IT outsourcing hubs with a massive pool of talented software builders. Combine local competitive human capital advantage with our diverse technical backgrounds and years of experience in building software for traditional financial, banking and entertainment sectors; we think we have what it takes to be a P-Rep candidate in the upcoming September election.

In order to accelerate the network and expand the ecosystem, we will contribute by focusing on what we do best – BUILD.



The Team

We believe that ICON mass adoption can only be accomplished by building various high-quality products and user-friendly services around ICON Network, which connect to DApps and utilize ICX token under-the-hood without the users even knowing. Seamless and positive user experience is what we are trying to achieve.

We think Delegate Proof Of Contribution is working, and is working very well. To be brutally honest, our utmost motivation is to nurture the price by contributing the best of our ability to the ICON ecosystem and gradually drive organic, non-speculative, demand for the ICX token. As a result, value will rise and community will thrive.

Tom Nguyen • IconmunistTechnical Team Lead

I am a strong crypto believer and a multi-disciplinary software developer with 15 years experience working in financial and banking sectors for international institutions such as Macquarie Bank Australia, ING Direct and OFX group. I specialize in building traditional equity, derivative, commodity and retail FX trading systems, both server-side and client-side.  Decentralized Finance is the area I am interested in and ICON interoperable blockchain especially STO is what I will be spending my next few years on.

Duy Pham • DuyyudusTechnical Crypto Economist

I have been an ICX bagholder since ICO who survived the crypto winter and still truly believe in ICON future. In real life, I am a full-time experienced R&D programmer working in 3D industry. In recent years, blockchain and crypto economic has taken most of my spare time. So many great things learned during this journey. I hope ICON will be the de-facto interoperability protocol one day. Once ICONVIET secures a strong position in Top 22 P-Reps, I will devote more time contributing to ICON ecosystem and gradually make it full-time. May the moon be with us!


If we become one of the main P-Reps, the block production and verification reward will be used to rent a little nicer office space, provide infrastructure redundancy, and accelerate our development, marketing and community building efforts:

  • Block Production and Verification Reward
    • 28% for redundant infrastructure (2+ regions)
    • 46% for development (2 full-time core developers)
    • 6% for marketing (1 full-time core community manager)
    • 12% for 8-pax dedicated office space and extracurricular activities
    • 8% for motion graphics, events, seminars, training materials for developers
    • In this case, Representative Reward above will then be used for hiring contractors, organizing events, onboarding DApps builders and any remaining reward will be sent staking fund to stake for ourself, instead of dumping on the open market for fiat

Core people are all of team members and contractors (application developers, digital marketers, event organizers…) are those we will hire from the local pool of talents.

SEND US AN EMAIL AT [email protected]